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Childrens Home


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In 2016, ROHC built a Children’s Home to care for 37 orphans and needy children. These children are provided with housing, clothing, meals, school fees and opportunities for a variety of activities. The children participate in the running of the home, which helps to reduce costs and teaches them to live responsibly. They haul water from the nearest well, work in the home's large vegetable garden, help care for newly planted fruit trees, and care for several sheep and goats. Most importantly, they are taught God's Word, are encouraged in their walk with the Lord, and practically experience and share Jesus' love!

Get Involved: Praise God for the many ways that the Children's Home has come together, from assembling a wonderful and capable staff, to finding all the children after they were scattered during the outbreak of fighting in South Sudan, to fund-raising, to ground-breaking, to construction and dedication!

Pray for the staff, to lead and love well. Pray for the children to grow strong in the Lord, get along and study hard.

Pray that the remainder of the children will be sponsored. Children can be sponsored for $30/month. For more information, write Tori Colwell at, and see the "Donate" page of this website.

 Salem Church

In 2017, ROHC replaced a pole and canvas structure that was being used for church services (and needed regular repair) with a sturdy wood and tin sheet church building named Salem Evangelical Church that can hold 400 people. Regular attendance is already over 300! God is being praised in that place, and people are being drawn to the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.

Get Involved: Praise God for the successful process of building the church in such a short time - from fund raising to construction to dedication.

Pray for the leaders and worshipers at Salem church, that they would continue to proclaim God's Kingdom in the surrounding refugee camps. Pray for the church to continue to grow, mature and start new fellowships in the camps.

Eden School

In February 2018, ROHC will be inaugurating Eden School, a Christ-centered primary school for 300 children from grades K to 5, where many of the ROHC children will attend. The majority of classroom sizes at local schools are too large for effective learning, with some having over 150 students! Eden School will be a welcome change for the ROHC children and many others. It is expected that the school will be self-supporting with fees paid by parents of children, and the education portion of the money paid by sponsors of ROHC children.

Get Involved: Praise God that this property, with its buildings and leasing agreement, so near to the Children's Home, was available for purchase!  Praise God that the funding was able to be raised to make the purchase.

Pray for additional funds needed to get the school completely up and running, and for possible linkages between primary schools in the US and Eden School, which would be exciting for everyone concerned!

In June 2017, ROHC's Director, Pastor Thomas Inyu, held a 4-day conference for over 100 Christian Leaders in the area surrounding ROHC's other activities. This kind of conference is very rare in that place, and turned out to be a great encouragement to the pastors and leaders of women and youth who gathered - representatives from many denominations and opposing tribes. It is hoped that as these conferences continue, and these leaders grow spiritually and learn practical conflict resolution skills, and the Holy Spirit moves in willing hearts, that genuine forgiveness between them will take place. That forgiveness will form a strong foundation for peace and reconciliation between tribes among the refugees - as well as an eternal peace between each person and their Creator and Savior. That model, it is hoped, will encourage a resolution to the devastating inter-tribal war going on across the border in their homeland - South Sudan.

Get Involved: Praise God for the success of the first conference!

Pray for the next conferences and additional teaching material and teaching to be sent out between them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of these leaders, and work out not only reconciliation between them, but a genuine love, as so well modeled by Jesus for His enemies.

Christian Leaders Conferences

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