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You are invited to partner with us through prayer, special activities, and through financially supporting different projects. All financial contributions to ROHC, as a Partner Organization of the Ministry Developers Network (MDN), are income tax-deductible, and are made with the understanding that MDN has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.

For questions, call MDN at 218-820-2283.

Donations can be made to ROHC through the Ministry Developers Network (MDN), and can be designated to one of the following MDN account numbers:

#  29 Pastor Thomas Inyu, personal ministry support

#162 ROHC Child Sponsorships

#149 ROHC General Donations

#152 Lydia Ministry

#159 Building Fund

#160 Children's Center

#161 Pastor Conferences


Ways to make a donation:

Personal check: Mail your check to MDN with a note attached saying 'ROHC', and the account number (listed above) if you would like to specify where the gift goes:

     Ministry Developers Network

     PO Box 3115

     Riverview, FL  33569

Online: Donate to ROHC accounts through MDN online by following the links below. Recurring donations can also be set up for your convenience.

       < Donations by bank account >       < Donations by credit card >

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this ministry!

The ROHC Team

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